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Jozini Tiger fishing Tips:

Weather conditions

Weather conditions will always play a role in determining where you can fish. Constant and accurate weather forecasts are needed in order for you to help determine where the current best fishing spot will be.

  • There is the option of launching at either the southern or the northern part of the dam. This extra short drive may just mean that you could get the best fishing spot.
  • It is recommended that you explore the whole dam and all the fishing areas and take note of particular areas so that you know where you should fish in particular conditions.
    Water Conditions
  • Summer rain means dirty water. The ideal spot to fish when it is like this is at the southern most point of the dam as it is has the clearest water.
  • Wind coming from the north will also create dirty water near the shore.
  • Warmer water is preferred by the fish in winter so stay away from areas where upwelling occurs.
  • Remember the fish do not mind discoloured water. It is actually easier for fish to hunt and catch food when the water is not so clear as they are not seen.
  • There will sometimes be currents due to the wind that will also bring in dirty water. Try fishing where there are no currents or where the fish will be able to get out of the currents. These places include points along the southern shore and the bay at the Fish Eagle Campsite.
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