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Recommended Tackle


8 – 12 Monofilament line (Nylon)
Lighter lines may be used when landing a tigerfish in open water but for anywhere else, a higher breaking strength is needed.


Braided lines – only to be used if you are familiar with using them.
Tangling occurs quite easily and could waste your precious fishing time. This line is also more visible so clear or fluorocarbon leader is recommended.



Hard, sharp thin gauge single hooks are ideal for this type of fishing. It is recommended that you remove all your treble hooks as they are not ideal at all. These treble hook tear through the thin membrane of the fishes mouth extremely easily.

Split rings and swivels


The initial run when a tigerfish is caught is fast and powerful.  The drag that is created from their power is enough to pull open slit rings as well as swivels and snap light line.  It is recommended that you replace all your split rings with hard steel and when buying spinners and lures, check they are built for strength.


Steel Trace

Steel trace is a necessity. Tigerfish are capable of biting through the thickest leader line and sometimes even thin steel cables.  We recommend that you use monofilament steel wire or nylon coated steel which can take a strain of between 25 – 50 kg. Normal steel wire tends to get kinks and break. Your traces should be no shorter than 50cm as the tigerfish tend to take the lure from the front.  If it is shorter the tigerfish will be able to bite it off above the swivel.


Spoons and Spinners

Silver and copper spoons are said to be snatched up rather quickly and that it is one of the best ways to catch them. The recommended spoons are Tobies, Effzetts and s-bend spoons.

All spinners work when fishing for tigerfish, more so if they have red on them. It is advised that you replace the red tails on your spoons. Red tails med out of a coke bottle lid is also suitable as the plastic is thicker than that of the tails sold in shops.

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