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Fishing at Ichobezi River Lodges

What makes fishing in the waters around Impalila Island, Namibia so spectacular?

Impalila Island in Namibia

The unique geographical location of Impalila Island allows our guests to have access to over 100 kilometres of water within the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, as well as the meandering channels that connect the two. At the very tip of the Eastern Caprivi, this area is defined by these two rivers, and the floodplains that rise between them and it is these floodplains that make fishing in this area absolutely spectacular.

The diversification of the waters around us provide real opportunities for the dedicated anglers as well as part or first time fishermen. From the deep wide upper Zambezi, through the nearby rapid systems, over the shallow gravel beds and winding through the small channels and back waters, each section of water offers its own unique experiences. Fly-fishing, artificial lures, bait fishing, worming, drifting, casting, - there is something for everyone. The main target species is the Tigerfish, fast becoming one of the cult freshwater gamefish of the world. However there are also plenty of Bream and Catfish for the quieter moments.

During the annual flood that sees the great rivers rise and cover the floodplains, a period of rejuvenation begins to occur within the whole river ecosystem. The large volumes of water flush out the river and provide new areas for fish, insects and crustaceans to breed and feed within the plains themselves. These few months of high water allows each of the species to breed in large numbers, thus replenishing the stocks for the year ahead.

Following the floods, the water begins to recede off the floodplains, releasing massive numbers of hatchlings into the main river channels again and predictably the Tigerfish take full advantage of this. For this reason, we can claim some of the best sport fishing in our winter months.

The graph below gives an indication of the typical annual water levels and this demonstrate how important these levels are in providing an unusual fishing environment.

We have outlined a “Fishing Calendar” below which will provide a little more detail as to what each month brings to the area and how our fishing techniques adapt accordingly. We have also included an equipment breakdown at the end that will further inform you as to what type of lures etc are most commonly used

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